rosid dicot genus

a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Hypernyms: ↑dicot genus, ↑magnoliopsid genus
Connarus, ↑genus Connarus, ↑Arachis, ↑genus Arachis, ↑Brya, ↑genus Brya, ↑Centrolobium, ↑genus Centrolobium, ↑Coumarouna, ↑genus Coumarouna, ↑Dipteryx, ↑genus Dipteryx, ↑Hymenaea, ↑genus Hymenaea, ↑genus Melilotus, ↑Swainsona, ↑genus Swainsona, ↑Trifolium, ↑genus Trifolium, ↑genus Mimosa, ↑genus Acacia, ↑Adenanthera, ↑genus Adenanthera, ↑genus Albizia, ↑genus Albizzia, ↑Anadenanthera, ↑genus Anadenanthera, ↑genus Calliandra, ↑Enterolobium, ↑genus Enterolobium, ↑genus Inga, ↑Leucaena, ↑genus Leucaena, ↑Lysiloma, ↑genus Lysiloma, ↑Parkia, ↑genus Parkia, ↑Piptadenia, ↑genus Piptadenia, ↑Pithecellobium, ↑genus Pithecellobium, ↑Pithecolobium, ↑genus Pithecolobium, ↑Prosopis, ↑genus Prosopis, ↑genus Aralia, ↑Hedera, ↑genus Hedera, ↑Meryta, ↑genus Meryta, ↑Panax, ↑genus Panax, ↑Schefflera, ↑genus Schefflera, ↑genus Ayapana, ↑Circaea, ↑genus Circaea, ↑Epilobium, ↑genus Epilobium, ↑Melastoma, ↑genus Melastoma, ↑Medinilla, ↑genus Medinilla, ↑Rhexia, ↑genus Rhexia, ↑Caesalpinia, ↑genus Caesalpinia, ↑Acrocarpus, ↑genus Acrocarpus, ↑Bauhinia, ↑genus Bauhinia, ↑Brachystegia, ↑genus Brachystegia, ↑genus Cassia, ↑Cassia, ↑Ceratonia, ↑genus Ceratonia, ↑Cercidium, ↑genus Cercidium, ↑Chamaecrista, ↑genus Chamaecrista, ↑Delonix, ↑genus Delonix, ↑Gleditsia, ↑genus Gleditsia, ↑Gymnocladus, ↑genus Gymnocladus, ↑Haematoxylum, ↑genus Haematoxylum, ↑Haematoxylon, ↑genus Haematoxylon, ↑Parkinsonia, ↑genus Parkinsonia, ↑Petteria, ↑genus Petteria, ↑Poinciana, ↑subgenus Poinciana, ↑genus Senna, ↑Tamarindus, ↑genus Tamarindus, ↑genus Amorpha, ↑Amphicarpaea, ↑genus Amphicarpaea, ↑Amphicarpa, ↑genus Amphicarpa, ↑Anagyris, ↑genus Anagyris, ↑Andira, ↑genus Andira, ↑Anthyllis, ↑genus Anthyllis, ↑Apios, ↑genus Apios, ↑Aspalathus, ↑genus Aspalathus, ↑Astragalus, ↑genus Astragalus, ↑Baphia, ↑genus Baphia, ↑Baptisia, ↑genus Baptisia, ↑Butea, ↑genus Butea, ↑Cajanus, ↑genus Cajanus, ↑Canavalia, ↑genus Canavalia, ↑genus Caragana, ↑Castanospermum, ↑genus Castanospermum, ↑Centrosema, ↑genus Centrosema, ↑Cercis, ↑genus Cercis, ↑Chamaecytisus, ↑genus Chamaecytisus, ↑Chordospartium, ↑genus Chordospartium, ↑Chorizema, ↑genus Chorizema, ↑Cicer, ↑genus Cicer, ↑Cladrastis, ↑genus Cladrastis, ↑genus Clianthus, ↑Clitoria, ↑genus Clitoria, ↑Codariocalyx, ↑genus Codariocalyx, ↑Colutea, ↑genus Colutea, ↑genus Coronilla, ↑genus Crotalaria, ↑Cyamopsis, ↑genus Cyamopsis, ↑Cytisus, ↑genus Cytisus, ↑Dalbergia, ↑genus Dalbergia, ↑Dalea, ↑genus Dalea, ↑Daviesia, ↑genus Daviesia, ↑genus Derris, ↑Desmanthus, ↑genus Desmanthus, ↑Desmodium, ↑genus Desmodium, ↑Dipogon, ↑genus Dipogon, ↑Dolichos, ↑genus Dolichos, ↑genus Erythrina, ↑Galega, ↑genus Galega, ↑genus Gastrolobium, ↑Genista, ↑genus Genista, ↑Geoffroea, ↑genus Geoffroea, ↑genus Gliricidia, ↑Glycine, ↑genus Glycine, ↑Glycyrrhiza, ↑genus Glycyrrhiza, ↑Halimodendron, ↑genus Halimodendron, ↑Hardenbergia, ↑genus Hardenbergia, ↑Hedysarum, ↑genus Hedysarum, ↑Hippocrepis, ↑genus Hippocrepis, ↑genus Hovea, ↑Indigofera, ↑genus Indigofera, ↑Jacksonia, ↑genus Jacksonia, ↑Kennedia, ↑genus Kennedia, ↑Kennedya, ↑genus Kennedya, ↑Lablab, ↑genus Lablab, ↑Laburnum, ↑genus Laburnum, ↑Lathyrus, ↑genus Lathyrus, ↑genus Lespedeza, ↑Lens, ↑genus Lens, ↑Lonchocarpus, ↑genus Lonchocarpus, ↑Lotus, ↑genus Lotus, ↑Lupinus, ↑genus Lupinus, ↑Macrotyloma, ↑genus Macrotyloma, ↑Medicago, ↑genus Medicago, ↑genus Millettia, ↑genus Mucuna, ↑Stizolobium, ↑genus Stizolobium, ↑Myroxylon, ↑genus Myroxylon, ↑Onobrychis, ↑genus Onobrychis, ↑Ononis, ↑genus Ononis, ↑Ormosia, ↑genus Ormosia, ↑Oxytropis, ↑genus Oxytropis, ↑Pachyrhizus, ↑genus Pachyrhizus, ↑Parochetus, ↑genus Parochetus, ↑Phaseolus, ↑genus Phaseolus, ↑Pickeringia, ↑genus Pickeringia, ↑Piscidia, ↑genus Piscidia, ↑Pisum, ↑genus Pisum, ↑Platylobium, ↑genus Platylobium, ↑Platymiscium, ↑genus Platymiscium, ↑Podalyria, ↑genus Podalyria, ↑Pongamia, ↑genus Pongamia, ↑Psophocarpus, ↑genus Psophocarpus, ↑Psoralea, ↑genus Psoralea, ↑Pterocarpus, ↑genus Pterocarpus, ↑Pueraria, ↑genus Pueraria, ↑Retama, ↑genus Retama, ↑Robinia, ↑genus Robinia, ↑Sabinea, ↑genus Sabinea, ↑genus Sesbania, ↑Sophora, ↑genus Sophora, ↑Spartium, ↑genus Spartium, ↑Strongylodon, ↑genus Strongylodon, ↑Templetonia, ↑genus Templetonia, ↑Tephrosia, ↑genus Tephrosia, ↑Thermopsis, ↑genus Thermopsis, ↑Tipuana, ↑genus Tipuana, ↑Trigonella, ↑genus Trigonella, ↑Ulex, ↑genus Ulex, ↑Vicia, ↑genus Vicia, ↑Vigna, ↑genus Vigna, ↑Viminaria, ↑genus Viminaria, ↑Virgilia, ↑genus Virgilia, ↑genus Wisteria, ↑Rosa, ↑genus Rosa, ↑genus Agrimonia, ↑Amelanchier, ↑genus Amelanchier, ↑Chaenomeles, ↑genus Chaenomeles, ↑Chrysobalanus, ↑genus Chrysobalanus, ↑genus Cotoneaster, ↑Crataegus, ↑genus Crataegus, ↑Cydonia, ↑genus Cydonia, ↑Dryas, ↑genus Dryas, ↑Eriobotrya, ↑genus Eriobotrya, ↑Fragaria, ↑genus Fragaria, ↑Geum, ↑genus Geum, ↑Heteromeles, ↑genus Heteromeles, ↑Malus, ↑genus Malus, ↑Mespilus, ↑genus Mespilus, ↑Photinia, ↑genus Photinia, ↑Potentilla, ↑genus Potentilla, ↑Poterium, ↑genus Poterium, ↑Prunus, ↑genus Prunus, ↑Amygdalus, ↑genus Amygdalus, ↑genus Pyracantha, ↑Pyrus, ↑genus Pyrus, ↑Rubus, ↑genus Rubus, ↑Sorbus, ↑genus Sorbus, ↑Spiraea, ↑genus Spiraea, ↑genus Impatiens, ↑Pelargonium, ↑genus Pelargonium, ↑Erodium, ↑genus Erodium, ↑Bursera, ↑genus Bursera, ↑Boswellia, ↑genus Boswellia, ↑Commiphora, ↑genus Commiphora, ↑Protium, ↑genus Protium, ↑Callitriche, ↑genus Callitriche, ↑Malpighia, ↑genus Malpighia, ↑Melia, ↑genus Melia, ↑Azadirachta, ↑genus Azadirachta, ↑Cedrela, ↑genus Cedrela, ↑Chloroxylon, ↑genus Chloroxylon, ↑Entandrophragma, ↑genus Entandrophragma, ↑Flindersia, ↑genus Flindersia, ↑Khaya, ↑genus Khaya, ↑genus Lansium, ↑Lovoa, ↑genus Lovoa, ↑Swietinia, ↑genus Swietinia, ↑Toona, ↑genus Toona, ↑genus Turreae, ↑genus Lepidobotrys, ↑Ruptiliocarpon, ↑genus Ruptiliocarpon, ↑genus Oxalis, ↑Averrhoa, ↑genus Averrhoa, ↑Polygala, ↑genus Polygala, ↑Ruta, ↑genus Ruta, ↑genus Citrus, ↑Citroncirus, ↑genus Citroncirus, ↑Dictamnus, ↑genus Dictamnus, ↑Fortunella, ↑genus Fortunella, ↑Phellodendron, ↑genus Phellodendron, ↑Poncirus, ↑genus Poncirus, ↑Zanthoxylum, ↑genus Zanthoxylum, ↑Simarouba, ↑genus Simarouba, ↑genus Ailanthus, ↑Irvingia, ↑genus Irvingia, ↑Kirkia, ↑genus Kirkia, ↑Picrasma, ↑genus Picrasma, ↑genus Quassia, ↑Tropaeolum, ↑genus Tropaeolum, ↑Zygophyllum, ↑genus Zygophyllum, ↑Bulnesia, ↑genus Bulnesia, ↑Guaiacum, ↑genus Guaiacum, ↑Larrea, ↑genus Larrea, ↑Tribulus, ↑genus Tribulus, ↑Cephalotus, ↑genus Cephalotus, ↑Ceratopetalum, ↑genus Ceratopetalum, ↑genus Hydrangea, ↑genus Carpenteria, ↑Decumaria, ↑genus Decumaria, ↑genus Deutzia, ↑genus Philadelphus, ↑Schizophragma, ↑genus Schizophragma, ↑Saxifraga, ↑genus Saxifraga, ↑genus Astilbe, ↑genus Bergenia, ↑Boykinia, ↑genus Boykinia, ↑Chrysosplenium, ↑genus Chrysosplenium, ↑Darmera, ↑genus Darmera, ↑Peltiphyllum, ↑genus Peltiphyllum, ↑Francoa, ↑genus Francoa, ↑Heuchera, ↑genus Heuchera, ↑Leptarrhena, ↑genus Leptarrhena, ↑Lithophragma, ↑genus Lithophragma, ↑Mitella, ↑genus Mitella, ↑genus Parnassia, ↑genus Suksdorfia, ↑Tellima, ↑genus Tellima, ↑Tiarella, ↑genus Tiarella, ↑Tolmiea, ↑genus Tolmiea, ↑Platanus, ↑genus Platanus, ↑Euphorbia, ↑genus Euphorbia, ↑Acalypha, ↑genus Acalypha, ↑genus Croton, ↑Codiaeum, ↑genus Codiaeum, ↑Mercurialis, ↑genus Mercurialis, ↑Ricinus, ↑genus Ricinus, ↑Cnidoscolus, ↑genus Cnidoscolus, ↑Jatropha, ↑genus Jatropha, ↑Hevea, ↑rubber tree, ↑genus Hevea, ↑Manihot, ↑genus Manihot, ↑Aleurites, ↑genus Aleurites, ↑Pedilanthus, ↑genus Pedilanthus, ↑Sebastiana, ↑genus Sebastiana, ↑Aethusa, ↑genus Aethusa, ↑Anethum, ↑genus Anethum, ↑genus Angelica, ↑Anthriscus, ↑genus Anthriscus, ↑Apium, ↑genus Apium, ↑genus Astrantia, ↑Carum, ↑genus Carum, ↑Cicuta, ↑genus Cicuta, ↑Conium, ↑genus Conium, ↑Conopodium, ↑genus Conopodium, ↑Coriandrum, ↑genus Coriandrum, ↑Cuminum, ↑genus Cuminum, ↑Daucus, ↑genus Daucus, ↑Eryngium, ↑genus Eryngium, ↑Foeniculum, ↑genus Foeniculum, ↑Heracleum, ↑genus Heracleum, ↑Levisticum, ↑genus Levisticum, ↑Myrrhis, ↑genus Myrrhis, ↑Oenanthe, ↑genus Oenanthe, ↑Pastinaca, ↑genus Pastinaca, ↑Petroselinum, ↑genus Petroselinum, ↑Pimpinella, ↑genus Pimpinella, ↑Sanicula, ↑genus Sanicula, ↑Seseli, ↑genus Seseli, ↑Sison, ↑genus Sison, ↑Sium, ↑genus Sium, ↑Smyrnium, ↑genus Smyrnium, ↑Aucuba, ↑genus Aucuba, ↑Cornus, ↑genus Cornus, ↑Corokia, ↑genus Corokia, ↑Curtisia, ↑genus Curtisia, ↑Griselinia, ↑genus Griselinia, ↑Helwingia, ↑genus Helwingia
Member Holonyms: ↑Rosidae, ↑subclass Rosidae

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